When considering grading calculation for standards-based courses, it's helpful to remember that the way you set up methodologies for your individual grading terms (quarter, semester, trimester, etc.) is very important. 

If you're using standards-based grading and your course's grading methodology is broken up into quarters and/or semesters, then your Y1 or semester-length grades will only calculate grades using standards if all grading terms are comprised only of assessment types. 

This means that if you wish to create a non-final grading term whose methodology contains other, smaller grading terms within it, then your calculations will revert to traditional grading (i.e. using assessment results rather than standards results). The issue with the configuration in the following screenshot is that the final grading term (Y1) contains a quarter which itself contains other grading terms.

If you use standards-based grading and you accidentally configure your term bins in a way that does not allow for grade calculation by standards, you will see a warning sign when you try to save the methodology.

You will still be allowed to save the methodology if you wish, but the warning sign will remain in place.

To recap:

  • If your grading methodology buckets for all grading terms are comprised entirely of assessments, your Y1 or semester-end grades will calculate from standards
  • If your grading methodology buckets include other grading terms, your Y1 or semester-end grades will not calculate from standards and will not be considered standards-based

Keep in mind that the best way to configure your Y1 or semester-long grading terms for standards-based grading is to either:

  • make sure that all of the grading terms you plan to include in the final bin are themselves comprised only of assessment types, or
  • create your final grading term using only assessment types