Sometimes it happens that an incident is created, and then edited at a later date. Often, when this occurs, a teacher may already have entered a different attendance code for the student(s) involved, either from the Class Attendance page, or the Daily Attendance page. 

While it's possible to change a student's attendance code on the Daily Attendance page, it isn't possible there to update the consequences a student should serve for an incident. In order to change a student's attendance code for an incident, you can navigate to the incident either directly from the Incidents page, or from the "Incidents" tab on that student's individual page. In either location, click on the incident itself.

This takes you to the Incident Report page, where you can click on any of the attendance dates that are associated with the incident. 

As you can see above, there's a hyperlinked attendance code (ISS) next to the student's name, corresponding to the date for which it was assigned. Simply click on the attendance code in order to edit it , and you'll be taken to the following page, where you can choose whatever attendance code you wish:

Always remember to save your changes!