If your sync with Schoolrunner does not include holidays, breaks, and other non- 'in-session' days, you can enter them directly in Schoolrunner. If your SIS sync currently brings over your calendar and holidays, please continue to edit and update the calendar days there. It's not necessary to enter calendar day records for normal school days or weeks. You only need to create records for weekdays (such as vacations) when school will not be in session, or for dates that you want to highlight on the homepage.

To create your school calendar, select "Edit Calendar Days" on the Configure page. 

Once there, select "Add Calendar Day" to begin entering in your holidays and PD days.

Select the date, determine whether the day is considered in-session, then describe why this day is not a school day. The comment you leave here will be visible on Schoolrunner's homepage. If you have multiple schools in your network, you can create the same schedule at all schools, by setting "All Schools" to "Yes".

You can also scroll through your school year to determine if a specific date is, or is not, considered to be in-session. This will help you to troubleshoot issues with attendance.