If you're looking to create, edit, or deactivate the types of attendance that you see displayed for students throughout your Schoolrunner site (e.g. Absent [A], Tardy Unexcused [TU], etc.), you can head over to the Attendance Types page, which can be found on the Configure page under the "Setup" drop-down.

Here, you can view all the attendance types your school already has, as well as more detailed information on how and where they are displayed throughout your site.

If your SIS-to-Schoolrunner sync does not bring over attendance code information, you'll want to ensure any new attendance types that you add manually in Schoolrunner match up with the attendance code used by your SIS. You can see these truncated names in the second column marked "Code". 

In the column next to that, you'll see the heading "In School", which indicates whether or not a student should be considered present for the day.

The following column, "For Class", denotes whether or not this type should be available to teachers when taking class attendance. The option marked "Red Flag If In School" creates an alert if a student with this attendance type is marked as present in class or on the Daily Attendance Page. If a student is red-flagged, they will show up on the Class Attendance page with a red background:

If you attempt to save class attendance while the flagged student is marked as present, you'll receive another notification.

The last column, "All Schools", indicates whether or not you'd like the attendance type to be available to all schools within your network.

To create a new attendance type, just click on the "Add Attendance Type" button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, as you can see in the screenshot below:

This will lead you to the following page:

Here, you can see an "Out of School Suspension" type, which has an SIS attendance code of "OSS" (this code will also be used as the abbreviation for this type throughout the site). In this example, any student assigned this attendance type should not be in school, and will be flagged if they are marked present. The attendance code here is slated to show up as an option on the Class Attendance page, and the option to make the type available to all schools within the network has also been selected. 

Once this attendance type has been saved, it will be available to view and edit from the main Attendance Types page:

As with all other "types" settings throughout the site, you can click on the gear option to the right of the type in order to edit, duplicate, or deactivate it entirely (more on that here).