If you have more than one course that should share the same list of standards, this is easy to accomplish in Schoolrunner. If both courses are currently empty of any standards, simply upload the same standards file into each course. Learn the basics of working with standards here.

If one course currently has standards and the other has none, download the standards list from the first course (using the gray download box in the upper righthand corner on the Manage Course Standards page) and then drop that file into the second course.

If both courses currently have standards and you want to update one course (the "target") to match the other course (the "master"), take the following steps:

  1. deactivate all standards in the "target" course (by either X'ing them out in the UI or by downloading them, changing all values in the "Active" field to 0, and then re-uploading them)
  2. download the standards from the "master" course
  3. upload the "master" course standards into the "target" course
See below for example screen shots of two sample courses with the same exact standards.

Transferring Assessments From One Course To Another

It's easy to move an assessment from one course to another when editing an assessment – simply update the "Course" dropdown and save. However, any standards from the original course will not transfer along with the assessment to the new course unless both courses share the exact same standard codes.

For example, an assessment was created in Specialized Geometry that should have been created in Basic Geometry, and questions on this assessment are tied to standards for Specialized Geometry. You want to switch the assessment from Specialized Geometry to Basic Geometry, but you don't want to lose the question standards in the process. You'll have to ensure that Basic Geometry has equivalent standard codes in order to do this. For this purpose, our system is only concerned about the codes themselves, not descriptions of the codes.

Standards codes are what are displayed in [brackets] at the start of each row on the Manage Course Standards page.

You can also see them when editing an standard via the pencil icon listed on an standard:

And also in the first column of the standards spreadsheet:

As long as Basic Geometry has standards with the same exact codes as Specialized Geometry, the standards will transfer when you change the assessment's course.

The best way to ensure that standard codes are exactly the same is to download the standard list from one course and drop it into the other without modifying it at all. Different operating systems and spreadsheet programs save files in different ways, so opening the file and saving it even when you think you made no changes can lead to differences our system detects. If there are even extra spaces in the wrong places, codes may not match up. Therefore, it's best to simply download standards from one course and drop that file directly into another if you want to ensure that all standard codes are truly identical.