An assessment unlinked to a course may be a problem because any student results on such an assessment will not count toward student grades. A couple reasons why an assessment may not be linked to a course are:

  • a teacher simply didn't choose a course from the Course dropdown menu before saving the assessment
  • a teacher chose a student group from the Course menu, thinking it was a course
However, people may be logging assessments unlinked to courses intentionally. Here are a couple reasons why this might be happening:
  • teachers want to track non-academic data in Schoolrunner and are using assessments to do so
  • your school wants to log survey results from parents, students, or other stakeholders
The following Analysis page report will show you how to identify assessments that are not tied to any course. With this list, you'll be able to determine whether action needs to be taken (in the event that assessments should be tied to courses, and thus count toward student grades) or not (in the event that assessments are appropriately used to track data that should not count toward course grades).

Start on your Analysis page and select the "Assessments" dataset and break that out by course. Right off the bat, you'll be able to see in the chart if there are assessments untied to any course. Look for "None" as the course name.


Next, you'll want to see what specific assessments are lacking a course. Scroll down from the chart to the pivot table. Set up the table so that courses are listed on the left, and broken out by the assessments themselves. Once that's done look for the "course" titled "None".


You now have a list of assessments that are not linked to any course! Each assessment name is a hyperlink, so you can follow each one or open each a new tab to inspect it. If the assessment should obviously be tied to a particular course, you can simply select that course and save the assessment. If the assessment should obviously not be tied to a course, then no further action is needed! And if it's ambiguous whether or not it should be tied to a course, you can contact the staff member who created it (check the Teacher field or, if that's blank, hover over the clock icon in the upper right of the page to view the change log to see who created it).


Note: if you're at a network with multiple schools, can turn this into a cross-school report by selecting your other schools from the "School" dropdown menu, found in the "Assessment Filters". Also within "Assessment Filters", ensure you're looking at the right date range or quarter.

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