Mis-entry of student responses (or a single response that's very high) can skew an assessment's average way above 100%. While some assessments may have averages greater than 100% intentionally to accommodate extra credit, other assessments with high averages may be the result of errors of data entry. Here's how you can view a list of suspicious assessments to determine whether or not changes need to be made.

On the Analysis page, load the "Assessments" dataset and then skip down to the pivot table.


Break out the pivot table by assessment and then click the "Avg" column header to sort overall assessment scores from high to low.


Any assessment with an average score greater than 100% may be the result of mis-entry of data. Each assessment name is a hyper-link, so click it to view the specific assessment.

What to Be Aware Of


When you inspect an assessment to see what's giving a student an abnormally high score, the main thing to look for is a student result that's worth more than the question itself. Make sure you're in the edit view, and click into the "Input" tab. In the following example, the question is marked to be worth one point, yet a student got seven points on it, giving her a 700%.