It's a good idea to stay aware of any assessments that are missing large numbers of students. An assessment like this may simply have been created in advance of its administration and may be pending results, which is fine, but others may have been created accidentally or created and then forgotten about, and these may be negatively affecting student grades.

Here are a few things to consider as you audit the number of missing students on assessments:

  • Is the assessment you're looking at "required"?
    • If so, it may count toward student grades.
    • If not, missing results won't affect student grades.
  • Does your school include missing results on "required" assessments in grade calculations?
    • This is determined by the "Exclude Missing Scores From Grade" setting, found in the "Academics" category on the Settings page.
    • If set to "Yes", students who are missing results won't be detrimentally affected.
    • If set to "No", students who are missing results will be affected.

Audit Missing Results

Load the "Student Assessment Results" dataset and be sure to choose "Yes" for the "Missing" filter in the "Student Assessment Result Filters" menu. Then, apply your changes:


This configuration will load all missing student results for active assessments, which may be a lot of data. Feel free to use the "Assessment Filters" to look for assessments tied to specific courses, logged in specific terms, or for specific sections. These additional filters will help focus your audit. Once you've got the data you want, skip down to the pivot table to get more detail on your results. Putting students on the left side and then breaking that axis out by assessment will show you which assessments particular students have missing results on.


Alternately, you could put assessments on the left side and break that out by student, showing instead the kids that are missing on each assessment:


Remember that you can click on assessment names to view that particular assessment and determine if there is anything amiss about it, or if students are missing results that they should have.