Sharing saved analysis reports is a great way to get the right information in front of the right people. When you share a report with a user (or a group of users), you add the report to that person's My Reports page and you send them a notification.

First, ensure that the report you want to share has been saved – you can't share what hasn't been saved!

Once you have a saved report in front of you, look to the upper right of the page for the "Share" button. Clicking this will bring up a window with a dropdown menu of users and a text field for a message.

Determine who you want to share your report with and then click the dropdown. You can choose an individual, a selection of individuals, a user group, or multiple user groups. You can scroll through the list to select users, or you can start typing names to auto-filter the list.

Note: if there are multiple schools in your network, you may see names you don't recognize in this list. This is because it's showing all user names, not just those at your school. Don't worry about sharing reports with people outside your school though. Schoolrunner will only send reports to people who have access to that data, regardless of who is selected to receive a report.

You also don't need to worry about sharing the same report with someone multiple times in one selection (e.g. you choose Jane Doe individually and you also choose the "Teacher" user group, in which Jane Doe is a member) –  Schoolrunner will ensure that the report only shows up once per user.

It's optional – but recommended – to include a message with your report. This message will be included in the notification that the users you share with will see. It's best to keep the message short and to the point so people can quickly understand what they'll be looking at when they load the report. If you don't include a message, Schoolrunner will add a generic message to the recipient's notification that reads "A report has been shared with you."

You'll also see a section at top labelled "Currently Sharing" that displays the name of the saved report you're looking at. This is to provide confirmation of the report that is currently loaded in the event that you A) load a saved report, B) make changes to the dataset or filter options, and C) want to share those changes.

Once your report has been successfully shared, you'll see a green notification confirming the number of recipients.

How It Looks to Recipients

Once you've shared a report, a notification will appear for all recipients. When the notification icon is clicked, people will see your message (or the generic message). Clicking the notification itself opens up a new tab with that report loaded on the My Reports page.

Whenever you update your shared report, recipients will receive another notification that reads "The analysis report [name here] has just been updated."

Note: Since notification links open a new browser tab, users should be sure to have pop-ups allowed for Schoolrunner, or else nothing will happen when they click the link! Look for a popup icon in your address bar if a new tab is not opening.

Un-sharing a Report

Once you share a report, you have the additional option to "un-share" it and remove it from the My Reports page of the recipients. This ability is available only to the creator of the report and is the only way to remove shared reports from the My Reports page.

Load the shared report for which you want to modify sharing. Click the "Share" button to see who the report is currently shared with. You can remove individuals by clicking the red X next to their name or you can un-share it for all recipients by clicking "Remove All".