Before trying to log in, make sure that your school uses the student portal. Not all schools use this. Ask your teacher if you're not sure.

Schoolrunner Credentials

If your school has given you a sheet of paper with Schoolrunner credentials, enter the username and the password in the appropriate fields. You may need to click the "Sign in with email" link to do this, even though you'll use a username, not an email address.

Your username goes in the top box and your password goes in the bottom box. Usernames can't be changed, but passwords can be changed once you've successfully logged in. The "Forgot your password?" is only for teachers and parents, and will not work for students.

Google/Clever Login

If your school has instructed you to use your Google or Clever account, you will not enter a username or password like in the above example. Instead, click the Google or Clever button.

If you're not already logged into your Google or Clever account, you'll see a prompt that looks something like one of these:

Once you log in to Google or Clever, you'll be redirected to Schoolrunner. For any questions or assistance, talk to your teacher or your school's Schoolrunner administrator.

For this to work, your school must have linked your Google or Clever address to your Schoolrunner data. If they have not done this, you won't be able to access Schoolrunner, even if you're logged in to your Google or Clever account.