A detention snooze is a way to postpone the date on which a student needs to serve his/her detention. For example, if a student earns a detention today, but has a legitimate excuse for not serving the detention for a few days, you can visit the Detentions page and set a snooze for that student. S/he won't appear on the "To Serve Today" roster until the date of the snooze. You can also add a note to snoozes.

Note that detention snoozes are different from the "Served Tomorrow" setting (a setting that doesn't add students to the detention roster until the day after s/he earns a detention). If your school uses the "Served Tomorrow" setting, you do not need to snooze detentions until tomorrow, but you can still use snoozes to postpone detentions further into the future.

To learn how to manage detention snoozes, click here.