You can snooze a student's detention to any future date on the Detentions page. Locate the student in the "To Serve Today" tab and click on his/her clock icon. A snooze window will appear, and you'll be able to choose a future date. A student who's snoozed will not show up in the "To Serve Today" tab until the date of his/her snooze. You have the option to add a comment to the snooze as well, which is useful for communicating to other teachers why the student's detention has been postponed. After you set the snooze button, be sure to hit "Save" on the Detentions page – setting a snooze is not the same as saving it!

Once a student has been snoozed, s/he will show up in the "Snoozed" tab. From this tab, you can view, update, or remove the snooze. It's also possible to set a snooze for absent students. On the "Absent" tab, click the check mark to edit a student row, set the snooze, and save. Absences take precedence over snoozes, so any student who is absent will show up in the "Absent" tab, regardless of whether he or she has a snooze. The "Snoozed" tab will only show present students with a snooze.