In addition to choosing individual sections and dates on the Class Attendance page, you can view aggregated class attendance records on the Class Attendance History page. Find the link to this page on the Class Attendance page, right next to the title.

This page has a similar layout to many other pages in Schoolrunner. You can view existing records in the main section, with basic information listed such as date, student, attendance type, section in which the record was logged, and staff member who logged the record. You can also hover over the clock icon to see change logs or use the trash icon to deactivate the record. You can paginate these records (in green, in the screenshot below) as you see fit.

Use the "Student/Group" menu (in orange) to view records only for particular students or student groups. The filter menu (in yellow) allows you to view only records that are of a certain attendance code, or in a specific section, or logged by a specific staff member. You can also set a date range and toggle between active and inactive records. Use the download button (in red) to receive an export of attendance records in either spreadsheet form or formatted for import into PowerSchool.

The summary box (in blue) lists the total number of attendance types displayed (the top section) and the courses in which those records appear (bottom section).

Remember that students are considered present by default in Schoolrunner. This means that records only exist for students who were absent, tardy, etc.