You can view a summary of your merits and demerits on the "Slip" page. The "Slip" page is also the landing page that you see first when you log in. Note that the setup of this page can vary from school to school, so you may see something slightly different than the screenshot below. Slips generally list merits in one column and demerits in the other. By default, you'll see a list of merits and demerits for the current week, but you can choose past dates as well.

You may also see rows that show your merit and demerit totals, along with your current overall balance. These numbers may or may not be listed with a dollar sign. This depends on how your school counts points. If you want, you can print your slip by using the link next to the date selector.

Merit and demerit records may also list the teacher who assigned them to you, and may contain notes or comments as well.