Ensure a smooth transition to a new term!


  • Ensure any and all cultural and academic setting are reviewed and updated as needed to ensure a smooth experience for all staff at your school in Schoolrunner


  1. Terms and term bins are set up appropriately in SIS and Schoolrunner

  2. Completed term grades are locked, preventing any changes to overall grade, standard grades or GPA
              Where can I view and manage grading terms?

                    How do I add different types of grading terms?

  1. All grading methodologies are configured as needed for all courses

                    How do I edit a course's grading structure/methodology?

                    How do I copy grading methodologies across courses?

  1. All enrollments in SIS are updated/changed as needed to reflect enrollment in the correct course and sections

    1. If using Clever, ensure that any holds on data are resolved in the Clever portal in advance of students returning from break

  2. Objectives have been uploaded to all new courses or updated for existing courses as needed for teachers (if doing standards-based analysis or grading)

                    How do I edit standards/objectives?

                    How do I configure parent and child standards?


  1. Students are enrolled in their correct sections for the entirety of the coming term

  2. Attendance data is exported for any reporting purposes

                How do I log, update, or export attendance?

                How do I view attendance data?


  1. Review, deactivate, or create new behaviors based on shifts in cultural priorities or initiatives

            How do I configure a Behavior System?

            Configuring Behaviors in Schoolrunner (Slides)

  2. Send Schoolrunner team any saved groups or analysis reports that are no longer in use for bulk deactivation

  3. Any scheduled tasks resetting detentions or assigning deposits have been reviewed and updated to reflect any changes in cultural policy

                What's a scheduled task, and how is it configured?

                Can ‘detentions’ be reset automatically?

  1. Detention scales, if they are changing, have been updated in advance of students returning from break

                Why did a student get a detention?

                How do I configure my behavior system?

  1. Any one-time or special resets between terms have been completed

  2. Homeroom assignments have been updated if needed

                Student Groups, Homerooms, Advisories, Sections – What Are the Differences?


  1. What reports can we create to compare/review our data so far this year?

  2. What reports should be shared with different teams at my school?

  3. What questions are we most interested in answering at this point in the year?

  4. What types of assessments (such as MAP, iReady, F&P, reading levels etc.) would we want to view and analyze in Schoolrunner?

  5. What type of intervention or incident data are we interested in capturing, that we do not currently track?