As a school leader, your interest in Schoolrunner may primarily be as a way to identify and monitor high-level trends in your school. If your teachers are logging data consistently, you'll have a rich, comprehensive set of information to review. There are several ways to get a bird's eye view of what's happening in your school.

Set Up Your Homepage

Since you see it every time you log in to Schoolrunner, the homepage can be a valuable tool. To keep tabs on students that are moving in and out of the dynamic groups that are defined at your school, you can make the most important groups show up on your homepage.

Staff and Student Dashboards

Schoolrunner's two dashboards, found under the "Analysis" menu, can be really helpful. The staff dashboard can show you lots of information about your staff's data-logging trends. There's lots of information about attendance, and also details on how many students are failing courses taught by each teacher, when their last logged communication home was, and so on.

The student dashboard can give you a snapshot of how your students are doing, grouped by homeroom, grade level, or listed out individually. (Video tutorial here.) The student dashboard is great way to view aggregate attendance and GPA data, for example.

Whichever dashboard you use, remember that you can define different date ranges at the top of each dashboard. You can also color code various data thresholds to make your dashboards visually meaningful.

Focus on Specific Data on the Analysis Page

Getting familiar with the Analysis page may be the most helpful way for you to stay on top of what's happening at your school. (For example, making a report to check in on student assessment performance.) Once you've configured a useful analysis report, go ahead and save it. Once you've saved a report, you have easy access to it at any time, plus you can send it out to other people who might find it useful, like the teachers in your department or other department heads.

Reference Your Past Year's Data

If you've been with Schoolrunner for multiple years, you can find all your previous data faithfully saved in your archived sites. If you're curious about how this year compares to last, your archived sites are the place to go to check things out. Just be aware that archived sites are preserved as they are at the end of past years, so newly released features may not be available in archived sites.