Schoolrunner's integration with Google Classroom is designed to be as simple and quick as possible. The steps to use it can be summarized as:

  1. click the Google Classroom icon in your Schoolrunner Gradebook (you'll have to authenticate your Google account the first time)
  2. select the Classroom class that corresponds to the Gradebook you're viewing
  3. import/update assessments from that Classroom class by clicking on each assessment and choosing what assessment type it should align with in Schoolrunner (you can also tie it to a standard within Schoolrunner)

However, please keep the following details in mind to ensure you're familiar with all the workings of the Google Classroom integration:

  • the Classroom integration can only be accessed from Gradebook
  • pop-ups must be allowed on the Gradebook page. Check the far right of your address bar if nothing appears to happen (this is to open up the Google account window)
  • users will have to grant Schoolrunner the following permissions in order to connect to their Classroom
    • view Google Classroom classes
    • view Google Classroom class rosters
    • view the profile photos of people in your classes
    • view the email addresses of people in your classes
    • view coursework and grades in your Classroom
  • assessments pulled in from Classroom will be assigned to whatever course is selected in your Gradebook. Please ensure you only pull in Classroom assessments that align with the course currently shown in your Gradebook
  • you can bulk update Gradebook with Classroom results, but only for Classroom-based assessments already in Schoolrunner
  • if you're viewing Gradebook in Standards view, you must align your Classroom assessment to a standard when importing it
  • this integration brings in assessment scores. If you want Google Form quizzes to import into Schoolrunner, you must have a G Suite for Education account and configure your Form as an auto-graded quiz, which will let you import quiz results to assessment scores
  • Schoolrunner matches Classroom students and Schoolrunner students based on email address. Please ensure that student emails are properly updated in Schoolrunner. Contact Schoolrunner, or your Schoolrunner admin, if you have questions about this process
    • as a backup, Schoolrunner tries to match students by first and last name. If matching on email isn't possible, please check for consistent spelling and punctuation in student names in both Schoolrunner and Classroom
  • any overrides set in Schoolrunner take precedence over scores from Classroom, even if Classroom scores are updated after the override is set. When an override is removed, the Classroom score will once again take effect
  • if students are manually excused in Schoolrunner, their corresponding score from Classroom will not sync; change the student from "Excused" to "Missing", sync with Classroom again, and then the student's score will sync
  • it is possible to sync in non-grade assessments from Classroom, but they will not show up in your Gradebook