You can create new accounts from the Edit Users page. Look for the "Activate ## New Users!" button. If the button is inaccessible and says there are zero new users, it means that our system hasn't received any new teacher records from your SIS. You can still create a new account manually.

When you click the "Activate ## New Users!" button, you'll be able to choose which teachers you want to create accounts for. The list of teachers you see here comes from your SIS. It's also important to note that Schoolrunner will only display teacher records here which have an email address, which is required for signing in.

If you have multiple schools in your district, staff members will automatically be given access to the school listed on their SIS teacher record. If a SIS record lacks a school assignment, the staff member will be granted access to Schoolrunner for whatever school you were logged into when you created the account.

Pro Tip: Filter for teachers from a specific school by typing that school's name after you click the "Staff Member" dropdown.

As you're creating these new accounts, you can also put selected staff members into pre-existing user groups. These user groups are what determine permissions in Schoolrunner. Note that if you want to put some staff members in one user group, and other staff members in a different group, you'll have to go through the user creation process twice.

After you hit the "Activate" button, you'll see a message confirming that you've created new Schoolrunner accounts. You'll also see the new staff member names and emails listed on the screen. Each new user will receive a welcome email from Schoolrunner which will include a link they can follow to login.