Since schools can have a long list of possible behaviors, it helps to organize them into groups. Additionally, behavior groups determine the order in which behaviors will be listed when a teacher goes to log a record, and they also provide a way to break out your behavior data on the Analysis page. Manage your behavior groups from the Configure page (you'll need the "Edit Behavior Types" permission to do this).

The Behavior Groups page shows you not only your groups, but which behaviors are contained in that group. Use the search bar to filter your list down based on either group name or behavior type name. To create a new behavior group, click the "Add" button in the upper right.

If you want to edit the name of a behavior group, you can click on its name. If you instead want to edit a specific behavior within that group, you can click on the behavior type. And if you want to reorder groups, you can simply drag a group higher or lower in the list; this controls the order in which behaviors are presented to teachers when they go to log a new record.

You'll notice that there are several options listed under the gear icon. Here's a breakdown of what each does:

  • History – brings up a log of changes made to the behavior group
  • Rename Group – allows you to rename the group and also displays a list of all active and inactive behaviors contained in that group (same as clicking on the group name)
  • Manage Behavior Types – brings you to the Edit Behavior Types page (similar to the "view by type" link near the top of the page), automatically filtered for the group
  • Duplicate – creates a copy of the group, but without any behavior types
  • Deactivate – deactivates the group, but leaves behavior types active so that you can move them into other groups
  • Deactivate All Behavior Types – deactivates all behavior types within the group, but leaves the group itself active