The class attendance grid is found on student pages under the "Class Attendance" tab. The grid shows a detailed view* of the student's schedule for the week. Use the date picker in the upper right to look at past weeks. It's not possible to view more than one week at a time in the grid.

You can edit class attendance records directly within the grid. Click the orange pencil icon next to the date to switch to edit mode. You'll be able to choose an attendance code with which you can fill out entire days. To do this, click the "Set all to [CODE]" link that appears under each day of the week in edit mode. When the box is highlighted in orange, you know that you've changed something about that box. Hit "Save" in the upper right when you're done.

In edit mode, you can also update specific class periods, instead of bulk updating a full day. After clicking the orange pencil icon, navigate to the class period(s) you want to update and click to open the attendance menu. Individual boxes will change to orange to indicate you've made a change. Click "Save" when you're finished.

Pro Tip: Hover over any attendance code (while not in edit mode) to see a tooltip with who logged that record, and when. Click the attendance code to navigate directly to the Class Attendance page for that section and that date.

For both bulk and individual updates, you'll see a list of attendance codes corresponding to your level of permissions.

* Detailed schedules in Schoolrunner depend on having calendar day, bell schedule, and period information. Contact Schoolrunner support to learn if your data sync includes this information, and how to configure it if not.