On the Groups page, expand the "Existing Filters" section, and locate the group for which you want to create notifications. (Click here to learn how to configure and save a group in the first place.) Use the gear icon next to the group name to choose how you want to be notified: via email, web notifications, or both.

When you create and save a new group, the subscription window will pop up automatically to confirm that you want to be notified of changes to your group. If you don't want notifications for a group you've just created, uncheck both boxes or un-star it.

All groups that you're subscribed to will be starred, meaning that you can select these groups from dropdown menus throughout Schoolrunner, such as on the student dashboard, homepage, or Slips page.

However, just because a group is starred for you doesn't mean that you'll necessarily get subscriptions for it. It's possible to star a group and not be subscribed to notifications. This is helpful if you want to be able to select this group throughout Schoolrunner, but don't need to be informed of changes to its membership.

You can click individual gear icons next to groups to check whether or not you're set to get notified of group changes, but the easiest way to manage subscriptions for multiple groups is on your user settings page.

You can also un-star a group, which will stop notifying you of group changes and remove the group for you from dropdowns throughout Schoolrunner. Un-starring a group does not affect any one else who has it starred, or who is subscribed to it.

If you want to share your group with others and create subscriptions for them, click here. To learn more about deactivating groups, click here.