Schoolrunner has two ways that users can be notified of important events: web and email notifications. See below for a table of which notifications are possible for which events. Note that there may be up to a five-minute delay between an event in Schoolrunner and the corresponding notification.

Event in SchoolrunnerWeb NotificationEmail Notification
A group subscription is added for you

An analysis report is shared with you

Someone else comments on your assessment

Someone else comments on your incident record

Someone else updates your (class or daily) attendance record (optional)

Students are added to or removed from a group you're subscribed to (optional)

Web Notifications

Web notifications show up in two places in the Schoolrunner website, and clicking on either will bring you to the page relevant to that notification. Web notifications show up as a temporary slideout in the bottom right of your screen, and in your notifications tray in the upper right of your screen.

Slideout notifications stick around for five seconds after the notification is created. These are helpful if you're working in Schoolrunner at the time. Even if you miss the slideout notification though, your notification tray will light up until you mark all your notifications as read.

Your notification tray is in the upper right of your screen, next to your user icon. Whenever a web notification is sent to you, a green indicator will inform you there's something new. The number here indicates how many messages are waiting for you. Click "Mark as read" to get rid of the indicator light. If you want to revisit any of your notifications, open the tray again and click "View all" to see a comprehensive list of the notifications you've received.

Email Notifications

Schoolrunner can send you email notifications when students are added to or removed from dynamic groups that you're subscribed to. Emails are sent at a maximum frequency of every five minutes, but won't be sent at all if no changes have occurred. Each email will detail changes since the last email you received. These emails go to the address tied to your Schoolrunner user and come from You can manage your email notifications directly on the Groups page, by following the unsubscribe link in the email, or on your user settings screen.