Visit the Groups page by clicking on "Groups" in the top menu bar. The Groups page shows you all enrolled students when you first load it. But the real power of the Groups page comes from its ability to dynamically filter students based on academic, cultural, and attendance data.

The left-hand side of the Groups page consists of a filter menu (highlighted in orange in the screenshot below). You can expand the "Existing Filters" section to see groups that have already been saved and star them if you want to access them. Or use the the "New Filter" section to create a new group of students, and then save it for use elsewhere in Schoolrunner in the "Save Filter" section.

You'll always know how many students are in your group with the counter at the top of the page (in green), which gives you a quicker reference point than looking at all the individual kids. Pro tip: use your browser's search function (ctrl+F on Windows, cmd+F on Mac) to check if a specific kid is in the group you just configured.

Also take note of the date (in pink). This defaults to today's date, but can be changed to allow you to filter students based on past data. This date is also used as reference point for filters that include "This Quarter" or "This Semester" (or other grading periods). For example, if the school year is almost over, you can still filter for students who have a failing grades in quarter one as long as you choose "This Quarter" in conjunction with any date that was in the first quarter.

The "New Filter" section has several subsections. Filters within each subsection can be combined with filters within other subsections to target very specific student populations. Learn more about each below.