The "Academic Filters" section allows you to filter students based on various academic details. These filters can be used independently, in conjunction with each other, or in conjunction with filters from other sections on the Groups page. 

  • Course – choose from one or more courses to only see students enrolled in the course(s) you've selected. When this filter is used, other academic filters look only at the course(s) you've selected.
  • Section – more granular than the "Course" filter, this allows you to filter for specific sections of students. This is not course-specific.
  • Grading Period – shows whatever grading terms you've configured. Use it in conjunction with the "As Of" date menu in the upper right of the page to select quarters/semesters/etc. other than the present one.
    • Note: if you want to filter for grades or GPAs as they were at the end of Q1 (or any past grading period), make sure you choose the last day of that grading period for the "As Of" date
  • Failing Courses – references the "Grading Period" filter to show you students with failing grades (i.e. grades associated with a GPA of 0 according to course grading scales). Use with "Course" to see students failing that course. Use with "Section" to see kids in that section failing any course.
  • GPA – rounds to one decimal place, and references the "Grading Period" filter
  • Missing Assignments – shows students with missing assessments results, and can be used in conjunction with any other academic filters to narrow your scope