The "Behavior Filters" section contains several ways to filter students at your school. Each filter can be used individually or in conjunction with other filters in the same section, or in other sections on the Groups page.

  • Behavior Period – respects the "As Of" menu in the upper right of the page to allow you to reference current or past time periods. If this setting is cleared out, it will reference the current date.
  • Received Behavior – finds students who have received the selected behavior(s), with respect to the "Behavior Period" filter
  • Received Behavior From – filters for behaviors given by specific staff members
  • Behavior Multiplier Total – looks at the total number of times a student has received a behavior (specifically, the combination of times records have been logged and multipliers; so one instance of "Behavior Z" and one instance of "Behavior Z" with a multiplier of two would count for a total of three on this scale). 
  • Campus Cash Earned – looks at the total number of cash/points/merits earned, irrespective of demerits
  • Demerits Earned – looks at the total number of demerits/marks/off-points earned, irrespective of merits
  • Balance Earned – looks at the balance between merits and demerits, if you track these together
  • Balance Daily Average – looks at the daily cash/merit average for whatever week is chosen in the "As Of" menu