Parents and guardians can log in to Schoolrunner's portal to view information about their student(s) if they are provided with a student access code by the school. P/G use this code to create their own account so, although the school is responsible for distributing codes, p/g themselves are responsible for creating their account with the code.

Once a p/g has a code, s/he will be able to create a Schoolrunner account with that code. S/he will also be able to add students to their account if they've already created a p/g account and are given additional access codes. Learn more about generating and managing access codes here and how to bulk generate access codes here.

The Schoolrunner system generates a unique code for each student. Anyone that is given a code will be able to view that student's information once they set up their own Schoolrunner account. The code will automatically expire after your school year finishes (this will not affect any p/g accounts that have already used the code).