Access codes can be created on individual student pages or in bulk on the Student/Parent Portal Access page. Click here to learn more about how to use the Student/Parent Portal Access page.

The student page allows you to reset access codes for parents/guardians, view all p/g who have access to that student, and revoke access for specific p/g.

On the "Portal Access" tab on any individual student page, you can view, reset, and revoke p/g access. The first time you see this page, you'll see a button that says "Enable Parent/Guardian" login.

Once you click this, you'll see an access code that can be copied and emailed, or written down, for a p/g. You can view this window anytime by clicking "View Login Instructions", which replaces the "Enable Parent/Guardian Login" button. You'll also see a "Download Login Instructions" button that will produce a .pdf file that you can print.

If you reset the access code for a student, the Schoolrunner system will generate a new code, and the old code will no longer work for creating a new p/g account or adding a student to an existing account. Note that any p/g account that was already created with the old code will not be affected at all. Existing access will remain unchanged when a code is reset.

When a p/g pairs their account with one or more students, you'll see that p/g name listed, along with email address, date paired, and the option to manage their access under the "Portal Access" tab on student pages.

Clicking the pencil icon beneath the "Manage Access" column allows you to revoke access from a particular p/g. If the p/g has access to multiple students at your school or district, you'll see all of those students listed. However, whether or not you see the name of students at other schools is dependent on your school access in Schoolrunner.

"Revoke" view for a teacher with access to one of two students for a p/g:

"Revoke" view for teacher with access to all students for a p/g:

Note that revoking access from a p/g means that person can no longer see student info for the student(s) that were selected. It also means that the code that p/g originally used gets reset and invalidated, so that no one else can use it. The new code will have to be distributed to anyone who needs to pair an account with that student that hasn't done yet done so.