Schoolrunner can send out automated emails to parents/guardians based on various events in the system. For p/g to receive automated emails, you need to have the following two pieces must first in place:

Once you know that p/g have created accounts, and you've created dynamic groups that track events you want parents to be aware of (high/low GPA, certain behaviors received, detention earned/served, etc.), navigate to your Settings page (this page is protected by the "Edit App Settings" permission).

Choose the group(s) you want p/g to be notified of. Be careful not to select too many groups, or groups that a student may very frequently join or leave, to avoid spamming p/g. Any p/g who's paired their account with a student that joins or leaves this group will get an email within five minutes notifying him/her to check the Schoolrunner portal.

Automated emails sent to p/g will not specify which group triggered the notification, but will rather direct p/g to log in to the portal to see any changes in behavior, detention, attendance, grades, etc.