The Beta Behaviors page is a new version of Schoolrunner's existing Behaviors page. It is a test (or "beta") feature and is not replacing the standard page right now. It is accessible via a button on the standard page that is only visible if you have the "Beta Behaviors" permission

The Beta Behaviors page is designed specifically to make logging bulk behaviors much faster and easier. You'll notice these differences when:

  • loading a group of students
  • filling down behaviors, comments, and other details
  • saving behaviors en masse
  • using the page multiple times for one group after another

Like the standard Behaviors page, you can choose to load an entire group of students (from the "Group" menu), or you can select one or more individuals (from the "Students) menu.

If you select a group of students, you'll see a row for each student in that group. You can select multiple behaviors for each student, leave a comment for those behaviors, add a location, etc. If you want to differentiate your behaviors and comments for a single kid, use the gear icon to to add a new row for the same student. Note that absent students will be included in any group you add.

If you want to copy the behaviors, comments, and other details to other students (in case everyone in the group should get the same behaviors), use the down arrow in the gear menu to fill down your behaviors to all students below. You can also use the X to remove a row (useful if you want to log behaviors for all kids in a group except for one or two).

Note that as soon as you save behaviors, you'll see a progress bar and you'll be able to immediately use the page again to save more behaviors.

You'll also notice that a list of existing behavior records is no longer displayed at the bottom of the page. To see this list, click the "view full history" link at the top of the page. The Behavior History page lets you filter through all behaviors for any given date. You can only view one date at a time on this page for loading considerations. If you want to filter and analyze behaviors for a time range, please use the Analysis page or the behavior export on the Exports page.

Feel free to reach out to your School Happiness Coordinator, or school-based admin with any feedback on this beta feature!