On the Groups page, look for the "Class Attendance Filters" in the filter menu. You can combine the three options here to create a wide array of combinations.

Here are more details about each filter option:

  • Class Attendance Period – Choose from "Today", "This Week", "This Month", and other time periods that are relevant to your school, like semesters, quarters, or trimesters (depending on what grading periods are set up in your Schoolrunner site).
  • Class Attendance Type – This can be combined with the other two options, and lets you specify which class attendance codes to filter for.
  • Class Absence Count – When used on its own, it filters for all out-of-school codes for the time period selected in "Class Attendance Period". When used in conjunction with "Class Attendance Type", it filters for whatever codes are specified there, even if you've selected for in-school codes.

Here are some examples of groups you can create with these filters:

All students who have perfect class attendance this week:

All students with less than 5 class absences this quarter:

All students with 10 or more class absences this month:

All students who were tardy to class today:

All students who missed over 20 classes this semester (any out-of-school code):

All students who missed 12 or more classes due to OSS this quarter: