If your school tracks attendance on a class-by-class basis, you can view student class attendance right next to their course grades. This is visible on student pages, and is the same grid that students and parents see when they log in to the portal. This table is similar to what you see on individual course pages, but brings together all of a student's courses into one view. This is particularly helpful for highlighting correlation between course performance and attendance rates.

Hover over an attendance percentage to see a breakdown of records behind the numbers. You can also click the column header to sort high-to-low or low-to-high.

If you do not track class attendance in Schoolrunner, the "Att. %" columns for each grading period will not show up in the table. Note, however, that even if you don't track class attendance in Schoolrunner as a general policy, but someone has inadvertently logged some class records, you will see the resulting percentage here on this table.