A comment on a class attendance record provides information specific to that the student's attendance status for one particular class period. You can comment on class attendance on the student page or on the Class Attendance History page. It's not possible to leave comments directly on the Class Attendance page.

Comments left on class attendance records display as a tooltip on the Class Attendance page, and can be seen on the Class History Page as well as on the student page.

Student Page

You can comment on class attendance records for a specific student directly onĀ his or her student page. You can leave comments individually, or in bulk for a full day's worth of classes. Start by clicking on the "Class Attendance" tab.

To leave a comment for a full day's worth of classes, click the pencil icon next to the "Week Of" menu. Then, choose an attendance code and write a comment. Then, click the "Set all to..." link to apply both your code and your comment down to all classes for a particular day. You can fill down this info for other days as well. If you need to do this for a date not currently shown in the grid, save (or cancel) your work and change the date.

You can also comment on individual class attendance records, if you wish. Hit the pencil Icon, choose an attendance code directly within the grid for the class period you want, click the comment icon, then save your comment and your attendance record.

You can also comment on existing class attendance records (but not create new attendance records) from the list view on this same tab on the student page. Click into list view in the upper right, and then click the pencil icon next to the attendance record you want to comment on.

Class Attendance History Page

The Class Attendance History page operates just like the list view on the student page, but allows you to see records for more than one student at a time. To comment on any record here, use the pencil icon as illustrated in the .gif above.