In the Schoolrunner website, click the "Behaviors" link, under the "Culture" heading to visit the Behaviors page. Choose to load an entire group of students from the "Group" menu, or select one or more individuals from the "Students" menu.

Using the Group Menu

Use the group menu when you want to log unique behavior records for all the kids in a particular group. For example, if you need to log totally different things for all the kids in your advisory.

Choose your group from the "Group" menu. You can select multiple behaviors for each student, leave a comment for those behaviors, add a location, etc. If you want to differentiate multiple behaviors and comments for a single kid, use the gear icon to to add a new row for the same student. Note that absent students are not included by default, but you can use the "Show Absent" button in the top right to include students with an out-of-school attendance code.

If you want to copy behaviors, comments, and other details to other students (in case everyone in the group should get the same behaviors), use the down arrow in the gear menu to fill down your behaviors to all students below. You can also use the X to remove a row (useful if you want to log behaviors for all kids in a group except for one or two).

Pro Tip: If your goal is to log the same behavior for a whole bunch of kids, you may be better off choosing a group from the "Student" menu; see below.

Using the Student Menu

Use the "Students" menu to pick and choose as many individuals as you want. You'll see them listed below the menu. You can easily remove them by clicking the X that appears next to their name if you chose them accidentally.

You can even use this menu to select a group. This is different from using the "Group" menu (detailed above) because students are not broken out in individual rows when you choose a group from the "Students" menu. This means that everyone in the group (and any other individual students you've chosen) all get the same behavior. Expand the group to see who is in it, and remove individuals if necessary. You can also choose multiple groups here, unlike in the "Group" menu.

Using the "Student" menu is like applying the same behavior(s) to multiple kids, whereas by using the "Group" menu, you can apply unique behaviors to multiple kids.

As soon as you save behaviors, you'll see a progress bar and you'll be able to immediately use the page again to save more behaviors. You don't need to wait for this progress bar to complete; we'll take care of things in the background if you have other places to be!

To view a list of existing behaviors, click the "view full history" link at the top of the page. The Behavior History page lets you filter through all behaviors for any given date. You can only view one date at a time on this page for loading and performance considerations. If you want to filter and analyze behaviors for a time range, please use the Analysis page or the behavior export on the Exports page.