"Favorite" behaviors are those that you use most commonly. Set your favorites so that it's even quicker to log behaviors.

Favorites show up both on the mobile app and in the Schoolrunner website, in the pop-up window that's available on the Class Attendance and Add Assessment pages. Favorite behaviors sync between the website and mobile app, so if you favorite (or unfavorite) a behavior in one place, you can expect to see it in the other place as well.

Note that favorite behaviors include any additional details – comments, location, core values, etc. – that were on the original record you favorited. If you want to quickly log a behavior with details such as these, make sure that you favorite a behavior with the right setup; otherwise, favorite a behavior without details so that you can update it later (or just leave the additional details out).

Favorites and Recents

In the website, you'll see behaviors listed under the "Favorites" heading (above). In the mobile app, favorites and recents are separated into different sections (below; note this screenshot is from the upcoming, updated mobile app!). Your favorites will have a solid heart next to them, and will be listed at the top. Other behaviors, with an empty heart, are recent behaviors you logged. (If you don't see anything listed, you need to log your first behavior!)

You may see what appear to be duplicate behaviors, as in the screenshots above and below. The list of recent behaviors is an unedited feed of what you've saved. Duplicate listings indicate that you either logged the same behavior several times recently (making it a great candidate for a favorite!), or you logged the same behavior with different details (such as "Collaboration" with comment X once, and "Collaboration" with comment Y and location Z another time).

Favoriting and Unfavoriting

Tap/click the heart of a recent behavior to make it a favorite. Tap/click the heart again to unfavorite it. Make sure to hit the heart icon in this process; if you click/tap the behavior itself, you are choosing to log that behavior. Remember, if you want to set a favorite behavior that has extra details such as a comment or location, make sure to choose a recent behavior with the right setup. If you don't have one of these handy, log a behavior manually with the desired details and then favorite it afterward from your list of recents.