Schoolrunner 2.0 has a whole new design and navigation system. Your home screen lays out the ABC'S: Attendance, Behaviors, Communication, and Search.

This means that – whatever you want to do – you can start with the action you want to take and then choose the student(s)...

  • Attendance > Section
  • Behaviors > Student(s)
  • Communications > Student

...or you can start with the student and then choose the action...

  • Search > Harry Potter > Log Behavior

On other screens, you'll see a navigation menu at the bottom. You can use this to quickly move from function to function, and (if possible) the app will maintain the same list of kids.

In other words, if you're on the "Attendance" screen and take attendance for your homeroom section, and then want to log a behavior for a student, tapping "Behaviors" keeps the same kids in view, but shifts you from attendance mode to behaviors mode.